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When employers want to terminate a fixed-term contract before the expiry date it would make sense for them to assume that they could do this provided they pay the employee. However, a recent Labour Court case has highlighted the fact that premature termination of employment may amount to an unfair dismissal. This means that employers… [Continue Reading]

Attending conferences and networking events, I am often struck by the insights and inspiration that can be drawn from speakers and, indeed, the participants. As we move increasingly to an online world, there is significant inspiration to be found on the web. Things that will leave you feeling ready to go out and conquer another… [Continue Reading]

My desk used to be piled high with notebooks, folders, mail, receipts and other important pieces of paper. Not only would it be difficult to find a specific piece of information I was looking for, but most of the paper I had stored would never be needed again. Not too long ago, you’d keep your… [Continue Reading]

With the recent introduction of the National Credit Amendment Act in Parliament earlier this year, the office of the credit ombud says it’s expecting an influx of disputes. The new legislation, which was introduced in April, but is yet to be signed into law, aims to address shortcomings of the National Credit Act of 2007.… [Continue Reading]

Since you are a Small Business Connect reader, it is likely that you know how to use a computer. But consider this: only one in every three households in a “rich” city like Johannesburg has a computer; and that drops to a quarter of households in Durban. Without a computer at home, most youth can’t… [Continue Reading]

In a society with diverse religious beliefs, employers are challenged not only to be tolerant, but also to accommodate diversity in the workplace. Given employers’ need for efficiency in producing goods or providing services, the question is to what extent employees’ religious beliefs and practices must be accommodated. What guiding principles have the courts provided?… [Continue Reading]

It almost always seems like those in the online world speak a completely different language to the rest of us. This often requires interpretation in order to fully understand, and to more importantly realise the impact the online world can have on one’s business. The list of terms is long and ever growing, but as… [Continue Reading]

Too often, one reads of businesses burning down, being robbed or countless other unforeseen losses that could lead a small business to ruin if it does not have the right insurance cover. Making sound decisions about insurance cover during the infancy stages of a business is key to protecting it against unforeseen losses that most… [Continue Reading]

Whether you’re checking your bank account online, opening your webmail, logging in to your computer, or simply unlocking your smartphone, you’ll need to remember a password. In the past, you could get away with remembering one password for every website or account. With the increase in online fraud and hacking, that’s asking for trouble. It… [Continue Reading]

Transporting goods is the life-blood of today’s cities, as consumers and businesses need their possessions or products moved from one place to another. One area of opportunity in this sector is removals – helping customers move home or office. A removals business specialises in packing, loading and transporting furniture and other goods from a home… [Continue Reading]