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Small business owners will soon be able to get much more than the information offered in the pages of this newspaper with the imminent launch of Small Business Connect Radio, a new online talk show. Initially Small Business Connect will host the show every month via Google Hangouts, but it is anticipated that in time… [Continue Reading]

Christoff  Oosthuysen reviews “E-Myth Mastery – The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company” by Michael Gerber published by Harper Business (2005). Those just published books that recently landed on my desk all seemed rather esoteric, so I chose to go back to my bookshelf in search of a title to introduce to… [Continue Reading]


Readers of Small Business Connect say their most popular mode of connecting to the internet is via a mobile 3G/LTE connection and not as some would expect – a fixed ADSL line. This is one of the findings of the readership survey conducted by Small Business Connect in April as part of its plans to… [Continue Reading]


Christoff Oosthuysen reviews “Own Your Industry – How To Position Yourself As An Expert” by Douglas Kruger, published by Portfolio Penguin (2014). When you are known as “the expert”, clients will line up to do business with you. This is what Douglas Kruger exclaims in his recently released book “Own Your Industry”. But, that is… [Continue Reading]


CHRISTOFF OOSTHUYSEN reviews “Leaders Eat Last – Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t” by Simon Sinek, published by Portfolio Penguin (2014). Why is it that in recent times the world has experienced so many repetitive market crashes – when the previous market crash happened as far back as the so called Great Depression?… [Continue Reading]

Christoff Oosthuysen reviews Winning Without Losing – 66 strategies for succeeding in business while living a happy and balanced life by Martin Bjergegaard and Jordan Milne. Published by Profile Books (2013). Driven by the desire for success, many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of working harder and harder. They are so focused on achieving the… [Continue Reading]

Anything and everything you want to know about business, summarised into two pages per topic. This is what “The Business Book”, freshly published by Dorling Kindersley (part of the Penguin group), offers. This book is refreshingly well prepared and offers insights into a wide range of topics, from accountancy and advertising, to the Zurich Insurance… [Continue Reading]


As a business owner, you can benefit from incentives and business development schemes. For instance, our front page story in the just release March edition of Small Business Connect cover the new youth wage incentive. In this edition we also report on the support promised by finance minister Pravin Gordhan in his budget speech (see page… [Continue Reading]


By the time you completed your business plan it may already be out-of-date. CHRISTOFF OOSTHUYSEN explains how to use a 1-page plan, as a comprehensive map” that can be refined as you go along, leading you to get bette-and-better so that you get improved results. In the rapid-changing world of today, we need to plan for… [Continue Reading]


CHRISTOFF OOSTHUYSEN reviews the Bookstorm series edited by Eric Parker – Starting Your Own Business, Marketing Your Own Business, and Finance In Your Own Business. When you start out in business, or decide to up your marketing game for the first time, or plan unusual steps such as buying a business, you’re faced with many… [Continue Reading]