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Whenever huge opportunities present themselves, they bring with them several dangers. In this article, ALLON RAIZ draws attention to some of the common mistakes made by small construction firms when big projects are in the offing. SOUTH Africa is readying itself for an infrastructure development boom. Towards the end of last year President Zuma announced at an infrastructure investment conference… [Continue Reading]

BY JOHN DURR CHANGING the mind-set of the business owner and employees to embrace needed changes is one of the biggest challenges a business faces. In the many projects that we have taken on at businessknowhow, we have found that we can design the best possible intervention, but if the people in the business aren’t… [Continue Reading]

BY JACO SLABBERT IN the heart of Bloekombos, located just outside the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, there’s an interesting social enterprise working to create a grassroots retail mechanism. It’s a unique approach to the bottom-of-the-pyramid market, using a hybrid model to create work opportunities, empower entrepreneurs, cultivate a responsible economic ecosystem and increase the… [Continue Reading]

WE all have ideas. Some of them, if not most of them, dissolve away into our busy lives or starve for lack of attention. But some of them are so good that they demand attention and won’t let us rest. These are the business ideas that often have the potential to make a difference in… [Continue Reading]

STARTING your own business is an extremely exciting step to take for every entrepreneur, however far too often the small business owner becomes so focused on the productive aspect of their business that the administrative and legislative side of the business falls by the wayside. It is this failure to attend to specific tax legislation… [Continue Reading]

Success in business often depends on how you tap into the resources from your environment. This is what the Chivrikani Producers Cooperative from the rural areas surrounding Tzaneen in Limpopo did by producing various products from marula fruit pulp. Here are (from left to right) Venia Ngobeni, Frangelina Sibanda, Shiela Shipalana and Pemler Shipalana, who… [Continue Reading]