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Do you read every edition of Small Business Connect?

Interestingly, over 36% of  readers get every edition of the newspaper. This is one of the preliminary findings of the still ongoing readership survey.

The readership survey was published in the April edition of the newspaper, with more replies being captured daily.

“While the final survey results will only be available late in April, sufficient replies have been captured to see preliminary trends,” says publisher Christoff Oosthuysen.

Readers who have not entered the survey may do so by going the

Entrants stand to win a brand new tablet (see details below).

One of the preliminary results covers the frequency of reading the paper, which turns out to be fairly high. It seems that Small Business Connect is attracting loyal readers.

18% of readers only started getting Small Business Connect in the last month, while 34% have been reading it for between 3 and 5 months.

More than half of readers (54%) have been reading the paper for 4 months or more, which is more than half the published 8-month period in which the the paper is published.


By entering the Small Business Connect Readership Survey you stand a chance to win a brand new 9.7-inch tablet with 3G and WiFi capabilities.

The Readership Survey will help Small Business Connect to refine its content to better suit the needs of the entrepreneurial readers who have taken to this new publication and website over the past seven months.

To complete the questions on your computer or cellphone, go to

You are allowed to enter only once. If you submit more than one questionnaire, you will automatically be disqualified from winning.

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Qualifying entries will stand a chance to win a brand-new Sansui 9.7-inch tablet with 3G and WiFi capabilities worth over R3 000.

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  •  One entrant will win the tablet.
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  •  The winner will be announced in an upcoming edition.

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