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SLJI incubatee, Eunice Digoangoane says she receives national exposure thanks to the programme.

Since jewellery design first caught her eye at the age of four, Eunice Digangoane has gone onto pursue her hobby as a career and is now an accomplished jewellery designer with several awards to her name.

Small Business Connect spoke to her about her time at the Seda Limpopo Jewellery incubator programme and her planned exit from the incubator later this year.

What is the name of your business?

Studio F Manufacturing Jewellers and Projects cc (SFM Jewellers), which was founded by myself. The company was registered 2009.

Our core business is to design and manufacture jewellery using precious metals like gold, silver and platinum using real diamonds and semi-precious gems.

Beaded jewellery is an additional range that we have. We also render same day-to-day services such as repairing jewellery for local retail stores and individuals in and around the province.

We are currently supplying one local wholesaler and one international wholesaler.

How long have you participated in the incubator programme and when will you exit?

I have been in the incubator since 2011 as a full-time incubatee. I am excited and look forward to exiting the programme this year as the incubation period is for three years.

How much did your turnover and profitability grow after joining?

My turnover has gone up since I joined the incubator and the sales margins are a bit higher and looks promising.

What are the best benefits you received from the programme?

I received lots of exposure, nationally and internationally, as I have attended numerous business exhibitions organised by the Department of Trade and Industry.

I have also gained business training, mentorship and discipline through the incubator programme.

What would you suggest be added or changed to make the programme better?

I think the incubator should concentrate on mentoring and assist in finding financial support for the incubatees as it seems to be a big issue for small businesses in this field.

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