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AFTER participating in the 2012 Smart Procurement Expo, Lesedi Rakgokong, the MD of Puisano Telecom – a Telkom supplier – enthusiastically explained how it benefited from Telkom’s enterprise development support. “We made use of every minute we spent on the exhibition floor to market ourselves. Our interaction with fellow exhibitors has re-ignited our passion and… [Continue Reading]

SMALL Business Connect is not only a newspaper. It is an information source you can carry with you, and it is a community of business owners who want to grow their business to huge success! While the reach of the newspaper itself is limited by the print run, the availabillity of the published information through… [Continue Reading]

WE all have ideas. Some of them, if not most of them, dissolve away into our busy lives or starve for lack of attention. But some of them are so good that they demand attention and won’t let us rest. These are the business ideas that often have the potential to make a difference in… [Continue Reading]

ARE you looking for a mentor to give you business advice and guidance? Or are you a mentor who is available to support small business owners in your area? Mentor-Connect will be a regular Small Business Connect feature to link mentors and small business owners. Every month we will feature a selection of mentors and… [Continue Reading]