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Thabisile Ledwaba is Small Business Connect’s 5 000th Facebook fan.

Small Business Connect’s 5 000th Facebook fan – a title Thabisile Ledwaba did not expect.

But, that is probably one of few unexpected things to her in the online space.

Being the owner of an online shop, Ledwaba is no stranger to this space.

She says she first learnt about the newspaper and its Facebook fan page when she received an invitation to “like” the page.

“Since then I’ve been exposed to many opportunities.The page is a very resourceful tool for small businesses. Ledwaba, who founded online retail shop Glamrus in February this year imports men’s and women’s clothing and accessories from countries like the US, China, India and Italy. A first-time business owner, Midrand-based Ledwaba used her experience as an information technology (IT) consultant to create and maintain her website.

Ledwaba says: “ The business discussions I often see and partake in on the Facebook page have so far enabled me to interact with other entrepreneurs to whom I can market my services to and partner with.”

An example of one of the discussions Ledwaba refers to is a recent question posted by Small Business Connect. The question posted under the category “Your opinion” read as follows: “What do you believe are the skills needed for a young person to start a business?”.

In response, you, our fans, were required to list the top three attributes they thought were needed.

Here is what you had to say:

Fanyana “Entrepreneur” Dlamini: “1. Thinker, 2. Self-motivator and 3. Passionate.”

Tim Upton: “Knowlegde, then applied knowledge followed through with enthusiasm.”

Freek van Zyl: “The right attitude towards life, passion for what you do and be slow when making decisions so as to consider all sides.”

Ebrahim Bhayat: “Guts, guts and guts!”