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Business advice as an accredited profession is fairly new in South Africa.This is why it is sometimes very difficult to decide who to approach to help address key challenges in your business. It is also not always clear how you and your business would benefit from business advice. You do not ask yourself who to appoint, but also whether… [Continue Reading]

Small Business Connect receives many queries from business owners on how to get a copy of the newspaper. Here are some of the distribution points. For a full list of all distribution points, go to www.SmallBusiness Seda: 1stFloor Eikestad Mall Bird Street Stellenbosch 0218839270 4 Hospital Street Springbok 0277128500 1Kerk Street Brits 0122520580 25… [Continue Reading]

A loan of R23,3 million from the National Empowerment Fund  (NEF) helped a business owner realise his dream of building the rural town’s first shopping centre and in the process provide jobs to 115 people. The NEF is seeks to assist black businesses with both financial and non financial support. Sibongile Mdyesha says the idea to… [Continue Reading]

Recognition and acknowledgement from a panel of judges gave a business owner the self-confidence to turn his business idea into a viable business. So says entrepreneur and social scientist at Stellenbosch University, Dr Nelius Boshoff whose idea it is to make research questionnaires from all over the world accessible to other researchers. “I saw an… [Continue Reading]

Bonie Sithebe holds the title “Fun, Fearless and Female” – one she is immensely proud of. Rightly so, as she is currently making waves in an industry that is still largely male-dominated. Sithebe is an up-and-coming film director who started Durban Motion Pictures with her scriptwriter husband, Philani Sithebe, eight years ago. “It started as… [Continue Reading]

Both employer and intern stand to benefit from an intern programme. Here Catherine Wijnberg, director of Fetola and Abram Molemane, an intern, share their experiences. The Business owner Here is Fetola, itself a small business operating on tight margin. We know too well the challenges faced by the small business owner. Time, resource allocation and… [Continue Reading]

Owing to advances in medical science and the changing nature of working conditions, there is an increasing tendency for people to work until later in life. It sometimes makes sense for companies to allow certain employees to continue working after the agreed or normal retirement age. The question is: How does one go about terminating… [Continue Reading]

The power of online marketing allows small business to compete with the largest global businesses. For a long time, we have thought of small business as being local business, and local business as small businesses. However, this is no longer the case. Through the power of the internet small businesses can market themselves globally. Over… [Continue Reading]

Award-winning transport solutions company, WhereIsMyTransport (WIMT) owes much of its success to Microsoft SA’s BizSpark programme thanks to three years’ worth of free software valued at US$ 360 000. The programme – recently expanded through a partnership between the software giant and government – offers small technology businesses technical support, business training, incubation and acceleration… [Continue Reading]