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If you had been using a computer a decade ago, you’d remember saving your documents to a stiffy disk, popping out the disk and physically moving your files to the next computer. Life became slightly easier when your computers were networked together; however, if you wanted to get a file to a computer not on… [Continue Reading]

While the textiles industry has in recent years been in the news for all the wrong reasons – cheap imports, factory closures and job losses – there is nonetheless a good market out there for a small business selling fabrics. Specifically so if the owners are, so to speak, cut out to be fabric sellers.… [Continue Reading]

Death, it is often said, is big business. About 600 000 funerals take place in South Africa per year, generating about R9 billion in funeral-related expenditure. However, it is difficult to get accurate figures about this sector, because many businesses are informal. Most of these businesses are not registered with any industry association, and stories… [Continue Reading]