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Nabelah Fredericks

Nabelah Fredericks

Last month I happened to come across an email from an enthusiastic woman who recently launched an e-shop.

Her determination to make her business a success is what shone through in her email. She stumbled upon the Small Business Connect Facebook page and decided to send an email to [email protected]

As a result of her actions, she now features on the front page of our February edition. Yes, I am referring to Wendy Vesela-Ntimbani, owner of Makoya Brands. Her vision is to make a success of her business, starting with more marketing. Seems by popping that email to our newsdesk, Vesela-Ntimbani is now on her way to making some headway in that space. You can read more about her plans to do this on page eight.

Her determination and confidence is not an isolated instance.

This is also what set David Chait, serial entrepreneur and owner of Mr Delivery, apart and made him rise to the top after losing his first business and spiraling in a pile of debt.

Read his story on page nine.

It is good to see an “if I can’t get in via the front or back doors then I will use the window” attitude of business owners willing to stretch the limits to achieve their goals

However, not to one’s detriment as cautioned by Small Business Connect’s operations director, Gcobani Ndabeni, on page 12 on how to avoid fatal business mistakes. He makes the example of the business owner who was unable to get complete finance for his business and then started the business regardless of the fact that he needed more funding.

Needless to say, he lost the business, and as he signed surety for the finance, he ended up losing a lot more than just his business.

And since so many in the business community find themselves in difficulty when trying to access finance, we have included this as our special feature for February.

I hope that by reading this feature many will see that all is not lost if the banks slam the door in their faces. There are alternatives.

Happy reading and send us an email. We want to hear from you. You too could find yourself on the front page!

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