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Dear Small Business Connect follower

Each Friday Small Business Connect allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to advertise their services and products on our Facebook page. This week we had 158 adverts with 14 520 views. During the rest of the week and on other posts all advertising are deleted, so this is a huge opportunity for Small Business Connect fans to promote their businesses.

The benefit you can get by adding your product or service is obvious.

However, you can also help the other small business owners who have advertised by sharing the Free Friday post with all your Facebook friends — thus promoting their business to the people you reach.

Click the post below, then share it with your Facebook friends.

You can also like this post so that it gets seen on the walls of more of the less active Small Business Connect followers.

And, you can be on the watch for a new feature on our website soon, where it will become possible to advertise your business for free in our Small Ads & Business Directory.

Let’s support each other towards business success.

Christoff Oosthuysen

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