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Nozuko Jizana

Johannesburg entrepreneur Nozuko Jizana’s Esteemed Tax Consultancy business advises many businesses on tax-related matters.

Business owners approach her for advice on issues like tax compliance and other tax administration processes.

However, her only challenge since opening three years ago has been expanding her business.

She says reading the online edition of Small Business Connect provides her with useful tips to grow her Midrand-based business.

“This is the only publication I know for the small business sector.

In addition, the publication also gives advice on available opportunities for small business owners and comparative information about the small business sector in other countries,” she says.

The information she gets from reading the stories published in the newspaper allows her to keep track of a number of existing business development programmes.

Jizana says she is also motivated by the stories she reads in the newspaper.

She feels that Small Business Connect is making a social contribution and because of this, she shares online links with fellow businesses owners.

“My business was started as a way of giving back to the community through affordable business consultancy.

I assist small business owners with tax compliance as they struggle in this area, ” she says.

She says that reading the publication exposes her to a market of credible businesses.

Jizana is a registered tax practitioner with the South African Institute of Tax Professionals.

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