How the GAP programme can help you

Fetola founder Catherine Wijnberg

Gap is a graduate placement programme that places new graduates with small businesses in South Africa.

The programme aims to facilitate the placement of 24 000 graduates over the next three years, and to encourage the successful conversion of 30% of these into longer-term opportunities in approximately 8 500 small businesses.

It is facilitated by enterprise development specialists Fetola.

Gap is powered by a simple and user-friendly web platform whose mechanics are loosely based on those of online dating sites, where matches between parties are made based on selected preferences and profiling.

The intention is to help the business owner find the most suitable internship candidate in the shortest possible time.

Gap placement manager Chatal De Kock says that the programme ensures business owners meet all the necessary criteria for internship placements.

“Where they are lacking, we help to fill in the gaps,” De Kock says.

The Gap website includes a free resource library with a host of downloadable documents that cover such matters as job descriptions and employment contracts, sickness and leave forms, and disciplinary codes and procedures.

Host businesses who place a Gap intern also have access to Pre & Post placement support from the Gap team.

Business owners who are keen to sign up as a host business or graduates who would like to sign up as interns can the programme’s website and register.

Registration is free, quick and easy. A fee-paying service is also available to business owners who want Fetola to match a candidate to their business needs.


GAP intern impresses owner


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  • Nark

    I don’t think this will work. The quality of graduates in South Africa is horrible. We find people with degrees don’t even know how to use basic software like Excel. Universities in South Africa are mostly grading students on their ability to repeat / regurgitate information, it’s more about the ability to repeat from memory. They are not teaching people how to solve problems – which is what we need.

  • Izoh

    Excellent idea

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