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Start your website business

Almost one billion – in fact, 975 million and counting. That’s how many websites exist on the internet today. And this is why designing websites can only be a growth prospect for a new business, if you’re good at it. But remember that designing websites is really about design, not just the mechanics of using… [Continue Reading]

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Dealing with substance abuse

Dealing with alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace is not easy. At the one extreme you might have a driver who drinks heavily on a particular occasion while on duty, and then drives and crashes a company vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. At the other extreme, you might have a clerk who… [Continue Reading]

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Get skilled workers through local employment initiative

Business owners can now tap into a source of skilled young employees after a local youth employment accelerator earlier this year launched a tailor-made solution for small business owners. The company, Harambee, initially focused on placing large groups of unemployed youth with big businesses after providing these youth with skills such as computer literacy. Young… [Continue Reading]

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Speedy resolutions with STI ombudsman

Since Dennis Jooste took over the management of the short-term insurance (STI) ombud’s office less than three years ago, it has received and resolved thousands of complaints by consumers. Last year was the office’s busiest period with over 9 000 complaints lodged and resolved. This is based on figures in the recently-published annual short-term insurance… [Continue Reading]

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How do you know whether your business is viable or not?

Most people do not take kindly to it when somebody, whether a financier or business advisor, has to tell them that their business concept is not viable. Brilliant business ideas do not necessarily make a good business. It boils down to whether the ideas can be implemented with ease and can generate a lot of… [Continue Reading]

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Beware traps of fixed contracts

When employers want to terminate a fixed-term contract before the expiry date it would make sense for them to assume that they could do this provided they pay the employee. However, a recent Labour Court case has highlighted the fact that premature termination of employment may amount to an unfair dismissal. This means that employers… [Continue Reading]

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Go online for your inspiration

Attending conferences and networking events, I am often struck by the insights and inspiration that can be drawn from speakers and, indeed, the participants. As we move increasingly to an online world, there is significant inspiration to be found on the web. Things that will leave you feeling ready to go out and conquer another… [Continue Reading]

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Store business notes forever

My desk used to be piled high with notebooks, folders, mail, receipts and other important pieces of paper. Not only would it be difficult to find a specific piece of information I was looking for, but most of the paper I had stored would never be needed again. Not too long ago, you’d keep your… [Continue Reading]

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Credit ombud expects disputes to roll in soon

With the recent introduction of the National Credit Amendment Act in Parliament earlier this year, the office of the credit ombud says it’s expecting an influx of disputes. The new legislation, which was introduced in April, but is yet to be signed into law, aims to address shortcomings of the National Credit Act of 2007.… [Continue Reading]

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Could you start a computer training biz?

Since you are a Small Business Connect reader, it is likely that you know how to use a computer. But consider this: only one in every three households in a “rich” city like Johannesburg has a computer; and that drops to a quarter of households in Durban. Without a computer at home, most youth can’t… [Continue Reading]

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