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Carey da Silva, national operationals manager at Flexible Workspace

Business owners keen to do business with low-cost property developers Flexible Workspace can link directly with the company to join its procurement database.

They can do this by calling Flexible Workspace to speak directly with their national project manager or if they are simply interested in finding out more about the opportunities available to local small business.

These opportunities include providing services such as marketing, project management and publication relations.

Carey da Silva, national operations manager at Flexible Workspace, says as the network is not an online database those interested in supplying Flexible Workplace should call the company’s head office in Johannesburg to join the database.

The property developer uses the network, to source suppliers for its Johannesburg and Durban branches of fully-furnished commercial premises.

Da Silva says the company occasionally sources suppliers for business services and also grants contracts to cleaning services companies.

“We are constantly looking for ways to develop small businesses and so we do this by sourcing services from credible small companies,” says Da Silva.

The company also regularly deals with dozens of small enterprises from across the country that also make use of some of its commercial property facilities.

Those interested in supplying the property company must submit company registration documents.

Prospective suppliers will also require a recommendation from at least two former or current clients.

The process is covered within two appointments.

After this, the potential service provider is called in to make a full presentation of his or her previous work and a proposal.

“Upon being contracted, we grant the business a contract of up to one year.

We pay service providers a commission based on the amount of work they have completed,” says Da Silva.

In some cases these will include recruiting potential clients.

  • Business owners interested in doing business with the property developer can call 0861 114 625 or visit www.flexibleworkspace.co.za for more information.



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Carey da Silva, Flexible Workspace,

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