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Business owners can now look forward to an extra Small Business Connect service that will see their businesses gain free exposure when the newspaper launches a free directory service later this month.

Small Business Connect publisher Christoff Oosthuysen says although an exact date has not been decided on yet, readers will soon be able to list their business services on the website free of charge.

“We are building on the success of our Free Friday Facebook offering which allows business owners to market their businesses using our Facebook page,” says Oosthuysen.

He says once the service launches business owners will be able to list their businesses for a maximum of 30 days for free.

In future, once the 30-day period expires, a small fee will be charged should business owners want to continue with the listing.

After the launch, business owners can go onto the Small Business Connect website’s directory tab and complete a form requesting the name of their business, its services and contact information.

Business owners interested in using the Free Friday offering can post their information onto the Small Business Connect Facebook page every Friday.

Mid October saw the Free Friday adverts at 158 and it was viewed by 14 520 Facebook followers.

Following the announcement that the directory service was to be launched later this month, the Facebook page readers all seemed excited about service.

Regi Jordaan: “Yes, please, that will be awesome.”

John Nkoana: “It’s a great idea to connect people.”

Vukile Hlongwa: “That will add value to small businesses.”

Michael Boxshall-Smith: “Thirty days free sounds like a great plan. This way we will see results. Good or bad! I will definitely sign up.”

Tshepang Tlapu: “I think it is long overdue. SBC is one of the best innovations around. Keep it up!”

Sidwell Xolie Tshingilane: “If it’s free, I fully support it.”

Ntate Marishane: “Yes, please. This will push entrepreneurship!”

Penny Kruser Swartz: “Good exposure, for sure.”

Thandi Khaile: “Yes, yes, yes!”

Lwanda Norman: “Let’s do it.”

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