Tracking help fleet owners save money

Fitting tracking devices to your vehicles offer a big bonus.

It can generate reports such as a travel logbook required by the SA Revenue Services (Sars). Other reports can include driver behaviour, speeding, both the duration and place of stops, proof of delivery time, and a map of the route taken.

From a business perspective, the security aspect may be less important to you than the management aspect. The more sophisticated systems allow you to monitor your vehicle or driver in almost real-time.

The added advantage that tracking offers, is a potential discount your insurer is likely to offer.

Once you have it set up, almost the only thing the driver needs to do is to indicate which trips are private and which are for business. The system does the rest.

It will pay for most businesses to install tracking devices in their vehicles. To extract the maximum benefits, you will need to subscribe to the more advanced options.

Benefits include lower insurance costs, Sars compliance, vehicle control, reduced travel and fuel costs, and better standards of safety and driving with less accidents.

Your administration costs should also be reduced.

Some of the systems available in South Africa are:

TrackerLogo 300x101 Tracking help fleet owners save moneyiTrack Live

The iTrack Live is available with two options. Either you pay R2 650 upfront for the installation and R125 per month with no commitment to a contract, or you can take a 24-month contract that costs R350 per month with a R259 upfront payment. This system will generate trip reports, including an automated Sars logbook, will report harsh driving or speeding, and will generate a trip summary.

Upon entering the odometer reading at the beginning of the tax period into the iTrack Live system, a Sars-compliant tax logbook will be automatically generated for you. It is a GPS-based system.

The recovery option costs R15 extra per month. Text messages for alerts are charged separately. You set up the system rules to alert you for your choice of events. These may be no-go areas or sudden stops. This system allows for real-time tracking and mapping.


The C-Track system offers two options for generating Sars logbooks, namely the Secure line, which is a more traditional product, and the Lite, which is an entry-level fleet control system.

Pricing of the Secure system is R269 a month on a 36-month contract, and there is no installation fee. This package does not track driver behaviour. The fleet-orientated Lite system costs R329 a month on a 36-month contract and includes live tracking at 10-second intervals.


Netstar offers the Cyber-Sleuth Supreme option for either an installation fee of R2 799 and R215 a month, or a 36-month rental at R280. You can monitor each day’s trips or the last 10 stops. Detailed driver behaviour is not available.

The Netstar Vigil-Lite option offers location, speed and trip reports and is geared to small fleets. Pricing is either an installation fee of around R2 000 and a monthly service fee of R130. The rental option is R199 a month. This is more a management than a security tool.


Tracker offers the Skytrax GSM and GPS systems. It is very comprehensive and does everything, including coverage in neighbouring states upon request. Costs for the rental option is R320 for 36 months. There is no installation fee. The cash option is R2 999 and R235 monthly with no fixed period contract. This is an advanced product.


Matrix offers three service levels – MX1, MX2 and MX3. Only the MX3 offers Sars logbooks. Monthly rental is R315. The month-to-month cash option for the MX3 costs R3 499 plus R215. It includes a panic button, border alerts and no-go zones. This is a comprehensive system.

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