‘Van-bakkie-minibus’ combo on steroids

18 Multicab 300x199 Van bakkie minibus combo on steroids

The Hyundai H1 Multicab comes in three variations – van, multicab and bakkie.

The Hyundai H1 Multicab 2.5 TDi is a mix of van, bakkie and minibus – it’s almost like a double cab on steroids.

The H1 comes in three variations: van, multicab and bus.

You can also choose between petrol and diesel, but I advise the diesel.

The Multicab is like a double cab bakkie. It has two rows of seats and a closed load area at the back.

The interior features all the bells and whistle.

This, from electric windows to air-conditioning with under-seat vents.

It also has courtesy lights for the rear doors and a good sound system.

The seats are comfortable and the driver’s seat is adjustable.

There is a great feeling of space too, making the H1 a very good touring vehicle.

Some of the interior finishes are a little hard.

The bulkhead also cannot be removed quickly to accommodate longer loads.

The longest effective length that can be put into the cargo area is approximately 1.8 m.

The H1 drives like a big car with excellent cornering and handling, and the 2.5 diesel engine is both frugal and responsive.

Fuel consumption is around 9.8 litres per km in general use, but drops to around 8 litres per km on the open road.

The build quality on the Multicab is excellent.

The exterior styling is very clean and pleasing to the eye.

The automatic diesel model as tested costs R388 900.

However, the petrol model is cheaper at R319 900 but comes in a manual only. The automatic diesel panel van is R351 900 and the bus R446 900.

The H1 comes with a five-year or 150 000 km manufacturer’s warranty, a five-year or 90 000 km service plan, and five-year or 150 000 km roadside assistance.

There are not many vehicles that come with a five-year warranty.

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