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Small Business ConnectYOU may have picked up a copy of the Small Business Connect newspaper. However, this is only the print version of the Small Business Connect offering. There is even more to be gained from joining the online community of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are preparing themselves for the success of their businesses.

The online version of the Small Business Connect newspaper is available at Here, you will find similar content to what you’ve read in this newspaper.

Posts cover a wide range of topics… from news, to reviews, to opportunities, to events, to success stories. There is also an up-to-date directory of services on offer through the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and various business development agencies.

When you enter the website, you also have the opportunity to participate in topical discussions, and you can read what other entrepreneurs have to say about the published articles.

You can also interact with other Small Business Connect readers through the Facebook fan page, or you can follow posts through the Twitter feed or by subscribing to the email service, which means that the latest articles are delivered to you via email.

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