How to live ‘la vida local’

Practical guide on buying local

Practical guide on buying local

With awareness amplified on South African manufactured goods through advertising campaigns worth millions of rands, business owners stand to benefit two-fold from government’s recently launched Buy Back SA campaign.

The campaign aims not only to encourage consumers to buy local, but also to get big business to procure from local small suppliers.

A book by local author, Ute Kuhlmann, called “Happines in a handbasket “provides a practical guide on not only where to get locally manufactured goods, but also which percentage of the business’ goods are locally made.

“The book is designed to raise consumer awareness.

Besides profiling local brands across categories, discusses some background on imported goods, local manufacturers, working conditions etc,” says Kuhlmann.

However, what is of particular interest to small business owners who have not been included in the book, is that they can register on Kuhlmann’s website

The website is easy to search and the search results list both areas of the website where the search item is being discussed as well as the brands associated with it,” says Kuhlmann.

She believes that this gives business owners the best exposure since both consumers and big business have access to information and contact details.

Business owners interested in being listed on the website can complete the contact form on the website.

Information listed on the website relates to what the product is and what percentage of the material has been locally sourced.

However, all products need to have been locally manufactured.

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