Dual-brand fast food franchises now up for grabs

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Derek Smith

Business owners wanting to enter the fast food market as franchisees now have the opportunity to operate not only one but two franchise stores.

This, after the franchise group Hot Dog Café recently acquired the well-known London Pie franchise.

The acquisition was made possible after Hot Dog Café became the first franchise partner to work with the government’s Jobs Fund in August 2013.

The fund was successfully launched in June 2011 by finance minister Pravin Gordhan, and R9 billion has been set aside for allocation over a three-year period to finance projects that assist with job creation.

In total, the franchise group received R35 million – R17 million from the Jobs Fund, matched by R18 million from Old Mutual’s Masisizane Fund and the Public Investment Corporation.

According to Derek Smith, joint managing director of Hot Dog Café, over 300 candidates will be trained and mentored over a three-year period.

He says this will result in about 60 of the top candidates becoming business owners with their own dual-branded franchises.

He further says the new dual-branded stores will cost in the region of R495 000.

Capital funding of up to 100% for qualifying candidates will be available through the Masisizane Fund.

This opportunity is also extended to entrepreneurs who can put up their own money for a dual-branded franchise.

So far, one pilot dual Hot Dog Café/London Pie store has been opened, in October 2013, in Brooklyn, Johannesburg.

“We currently have three dual-branded stores in progress and have had several inquiries from interested parties,” says Smith.

He says the dual-branded franchise offering would not only add to the bottom line, but would also give franchisees the opportunity to infiltrate shopping centres, food courts, cinema complexes and any locations requiring an on-the-go food offering.

The addition of London Pie into the Hot Dog Café stable, which includes its sister brand

The Coffee Stop franchises, has added to a group of nearly 200 outlets across the country.

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Derek Smith, Old Mutual Masisizane Fund, , Pravin Gordhan

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