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anglo-american-logo 1Business owners can become suppliers to Anglo American by applying to get on the mining concern’s Entrepreneur Internship Programme (EIP). The EIP, which is hosted by Anglo American’s supply chain, is a focused 12-month internship open to aspiring entrepreneurs with a great idea that they believe they can bring to market and can serve the mining industry. It is also open to existing business owners who believe that they can accelerate the growth of their existing business and generate jobs as a result. Ideally, the business or business idea should be focused on a more strategic, non-traditional technology area with potential for rapid growth, or one in which there are no existing suppliers. The business can subsequently become part of the Anglo American supply chain. Aspirant entrepreneurs who believe their ideas will help the development and growth of the mining sector can apply to the EIP. Business owners who have started and built a business and are now ready to take its growth to the next level can also apply for support. However, these businesses should be generating an annual turnover of R60 million or less. You are especially encouraged to apply if you are a historically disadvantaged South African. ELIGIBLE To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 25 years of age.
  • A minimum of a Higher National Diploma or a Bachelor’s degree and five years of working experience or a minimum of 12 years working business experience.
  •  High aptitude for entrepreneurship, to be determined through a structured assessment.
  •  Demonstrated business innovation and leadership capabilities.
  •  Demonstrated technical skills or experience in areas relevant to your business idea or operating business.

The selection process involve an initial online application, followed by an entrepreneurial aptitude assessment and interviews. The final entrepreneurs will be chosen after in-depth panel interviews based on extensive criteria, with a special focus on their ability to generate a significant number of new jobs. Other selection considerations are the strength of the company’s lead entrepreneur and the business case for taking the company to the next level. If successful, start-up entrepreneurs will receive a monthly allowance to help them focus their energy and resources on building their businesses. Existing business owners will be provided with business development support for 20 months, with no allowance.

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