Where you can get a copy of the paper

Where you can get a copy of the paper

  • Michele

    Where does one find a copy of the paper electronically and to obtain a printed copy in South Africa? Thanks

    • Christoff Oosthuysen

      Hi Michele. There is a list of collection points at https://smallbusinessconnect.co.za/newspaper. The printrun is however limited. Trusting that you’ll find the information useful.

    • Christoff008

      Hi Michele.
      You can sign up for the monthly newsletter (see top right of the web page) which will include a link to a pdf-version of the paper. The stories will also be appearing on the website on a regular basis, so you can monitor it there (or better still, subscribe to the email digest (also see the top right of our website page for entering your email address).
      Another way is to go the our Facebook page and like it, then the story feed from the digest will appear on your Facebook feed — go to http://www.facebook.com/SASBconnect for this.