Farmer boosts earning thanks to support

Frans Mallella, owner of KF Mallela Farming has been a part of the incubation programme for three years.

Since joining the Mapfura Makhura Incubator Frans Mallela has grown his business’s annual turnover to R500 000. Mallela attributes the growth of his business KF Mallela Farming to the incubator’s programme which provided him with training, mentoring and support.

Small Business Connect spoke to him about his time in MMI’s incubation programme.

How long have you participated in the incubator programme and when will you exit?

I have been in the incubation process for the last three years and I am now in the post-incubation programme.

How much did your turnover and profitability grow after joining?

My turnover grew to about R500 000 and my profit to R250 000 per annum.

What are the best benefits you received from the programme?

The benefits I received from the programme were technical support, training, mentoring and coaching.

What would you suggest be added or changed to make the programme better?

The programme can be enhanced by improving the pre-incubation process to determine the suitability of farmers because most people do not commit to their businesses due to the nature of farming being risky and volatile.

MMI should improve in terms of linking their incubatees with access to finance and relevant funding institutions.


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