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Kopano Ntsoane, co-founder of Modern Entertainment

Business owner Kopano Ntsoane, co-founder of Modern Entertainment, credits the Micro Enterprise Development Organisation (Medo) Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Youth Incubator with the growth he has seen in his business in the last four months. Here’s what he had to say…

How long have you participated in the incubator programme and when will you exit?

I have been part of the programme for four months now, and I plan to exit after 12 months operating in this space. I estimate that by that time our revenue structures will be properly in place.

How much did your turnover and profitability grow after joining?

On joining the incubator, we began working professionally with a clear vision in what we would like to achieve in 2014. This has assisted us in getting partnerships like Ster Kinekor, Pitch Black Post and 4Moola which added to our monthly turnover.

What are the best benefits you received from the programme?

We have had a number of opportunities and benefits. One of which is the great office space we have with everything an entrepreneur will need to be productive.

For example, a phone, internet and a green screen studio facility. Moreover, they provide support and mentorship. We also have the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs from around the country in boot camps.

What would you suggest be added or changed to make the programme better?

I have learnt the most important principle of business in the atmosphere that the incubator offers and that is networking, networking, networking.

This played a major role in the profits and progress of my business.

, Kopano Ntsoane

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