SBC radio goes live

Herman Tefo

Small Business Connect hit the online “airwaves” for the first time last month.

The newspaper launched an online show via the Google Hangouts platform on 12 August.

With some 35 listeners from the Western Cape, Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal, the show had quite a good reach and it was well received by those who tuned in.

This, considering that the show’s presenters, Herman Tefo and Ntsiki Mhkize were also both tuning in from different provinces – from the Eastern Cape and Gauteng, respectively and the Small Business Connect team from the Western Cape.

Although network problems were anticipated, listeners responded saying that these were minimal.

Explaining to the listeners during last month’s show, Small Business Connect publisher Christoff Oosthuysen said the aim of the newspaper was to assist in providing information to business owners that they could use to build their businesses.

“The newspaper is still the main thrust and we’ve always had a website, but we started to interact more on Facebook,” said Oosthuysen.

In fact, he adds, the reason for the show was because of the interaction on social media and this brought forth the idea for the show.

He cautioned the listeners that the first broadcast might have a few hiccups as the platform was relatively new. However, he felt that the show could become a platform that could contribute to the success of entrepreneurs and allow for business owners to share their stories on what works, what the challenges are and how these challenges have been overcome.

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