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Wallace du Plessis

Wallace du Plessis

AS a business owner, any tool that frees up your time is a welcomed relief. One of the simplest and most effective vehicle management tools is the AA rates calculator.

It is essential if you or your company is going to claim tax expenses but it is also key to knowing just how much a car costs you to operate.
To use the calculator you need to go to the AA site at: and follow the easy steps.

You will need your car’s make, model, engine size, fuel type, model year and purchase price.

Once completed, you should receive an AA Vehicle Rates Calculator Certificate, which reads as below:

Thank you for using the AA Vehicle Rates Calculator!

Your rate per kilometre is R2.68.

Your official AA Vehicle Rates Calculator Certificate

has been emailed to you using the address you provided.

For any additional queries, or if you do not receive it,

please call us on 0861 000 234.
In the case of my Suzuki Swift, the rate is R2.68 per km.

The calculation includes petrol costs, fixed costs (includes the cost of buying the car) and running costs such as basic servicing.

The rate will change every time the petrol price changes.

AA Rates

Fuel Price Used (Rand per litre)

Average Running Cost (Rand per kilometre)


Additional Costs


Average Fixed Cost (Rand per kilometre)


Total AA Rate (Rand per kilometre)


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