Get out of the ‘terrible dip’

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Allon Raiz

CHRISTOFF OOSTHUYSEN reviews “What To Do When You Want To Give Up – Help For Entrepreneurs In Tough Times” by Allon Raiz, published by Bookstorm Macmillan (2012).

Every entrepreneur I’ve worked with over the past 20 years came to a point where they seriously thought of giving up.

I know this because I was there myself too, as was Allon Raiz, who shares his journey with an entrepreneur called “Rachel” in the pages of “What To Do When You Want To Give Up”.

Rachel finds herself conflicted and it looks like the most sensible step for her will be to give up, but her inner drive and big dream does not allow her to step away from the business she started.

Raiz, with co-writer Trevor Waller, presents story of his discussions with Rachel and the people around her.

And in telling this story, he reveals the fundamental elements of guiding your business (and yourself) through the “terrible dip”. When you read this story, you walk away with some seriously solid business advice, which you probably would pay tens of thousands of Rands for if delivered in a mentorship of business development programme. If you read one book this year, then make this the one – that is if you are owner-manager of a business that either reached its peak based on your current approach, or if your business is showing serious strain.

Read this book with pen-in-hand, noting down the principles and applying it to yourself. Then create the space for going through the process Rachel and Raiz went through. You are bound to experience a shift that will allow your business to live up to your dreams!

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