Use your passion to raise funds

Charles Maisel

Charles Maisel

A local business owner turned her passion for fundraising into a profit-able business.

Michelle Williams has always had a passion for fundraising. She started to work for a small charity that works with orphaned children in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town. She quickly realised that to make a difference the charity needed to raise money.

No one would give her money so she resorted to cake sales and writing to big companies. Still, with no luck.

It was then that she saw a course run by The Fundraising Academy. She enrolled and learnt about fundraising for charities, building relationships, writing proper proposals and about being accountable for funds. Michelle took this knowledge back to the charity and within a month raised her first donation of R1 000. She finally felt like she was making a difference.

Success did not end there. Within one year, Williams had raised enough money and goods for the charity and even her own salary.

It was this experience that led to Williams starting her own business, Mi W Fundraising Services, which raises money for other charities. She now has four clients.

Says Williams: “I have realised that building personal relationships is the most important part of managing and growing a successful small business.”

The Fundraising Academy offers a four month programme. The cost of the four month course is R2500.00 for individuals, however bursaries may be available for a limited amount of individuals. The next course begins 10th February 2014.

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