Business seminar is ‘life-changing’

Ismail Beg

Ismail Beg

Ismail Beg made a life-changing decision after attending a personal development course.

He now recommends that all small business owners attend such courses described by other attendees of the event as “phenomenal”.

The Business Goal Achievement Mastery Seminar, with some 150 business owners in attendance, seeks to assist business owners in personal development which can then be used to further business interests.

Beg, a qualified attorney who now runs Debt Commercial Consulting, says he was in two minds about whether or not his wife should join his business. He says he received an invitation to attend the course via email.

Shortly before attending the course he thought about all the problems that would crop up if his wife joined the business, but after attending the course he decided to put the negative thoughts aside.

“The course changes your mindset and helps you with your self-esteem. If a business owner is feeling down because of a personal thing then it will affect the business.
We need these courses so that we can understand our purpose and possibilities,” says Beg. He says this is why personal development is so important so that you can be prepared to handle different situations.

Beg says he also almost lost a client due to a negative mindset but he “put the negative thoughts out of his mind and still has his client”.

According to Ebrahim Waja, founder and trainer at Extreme Possibilities – the organiser of the event, this is exactly what the seminars are intended to do.

“People left the seminar with a different mindset. I spoke to people who have implemented what we teach in the seminars and they say they experienced a shift in their businesses,” says Waja.

He says a result of this shift was where business owners “picked up clients they never thought they could get”.

He says that during the December/January period many people were taking a break, but that this was actually the time of the year where momentum should be built up for the new year.

Waja, who has 20 years experience as a motivational speaker, says he will be hosting seminars and workshops for the first six months of 2014 to help business owners develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Full-day workshops cost R1997 and includes meals as well as three follow-up bonus seminars.

The workshops focus on helping business owners become motivated and set concrete goals.

  • Business owners interested in attending the free Business Goal Achievement Mastery Seminar can email [email protected]

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