Entrepreneur Expo offers business growth opportunities

Dylan James

Just getting entrepreneurs to understand their worth would render the Entrepreneur Expo to be held later this month a success say organisers.

Now in its fifth year, the expo aims to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services.

The event which takes place on 17 and 18 November at the River Club in Cape Town is organised by Dylan James Media in partnership Fast Moving Company, South African Investors Network, The Bandwidth Barn, South African Small and Medium Enterprise Federation, How We Made it in Africa and the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The sponsors include the Small Enterprise Finance Agency (Sefa), Microsoft, MWeb, Telkom Business, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and Caban Investments.

“Many entrepreneurs feel that they are small in this space, but that is not true.

We want entrepreneurs to know that they are the ones who make the real difference,” says Dylan James, head of Dylan James Media.

He adds that the organisers main aim is to see business owners walk away from the event understanding their worth and role in growing the economy.

James says though there is no specific rand value attached to the opportunities that will present itself to entrepreneurs at the event, but he points out that entrepreneurs will walk away from the event with the knowledge of how to increase the rand value of their businesses.

Hence, the theme Accelerating Entrepreneurship in a Sustainable Manner.

With some 70 exhibitors, 250 conference delegates and a further 2 500 visitors expected to attend the two-day event, entrepreneurs can look forward to informative workshops in areas such as tax, exporting, digital branding, to name a few.

However, the highlight of the expo is the conference which takes place on the first day.

Conference tickets cost R900 per delegate which includes access to the two-day expo.

Entrance to the expo is R50 per day. For business owners interested in exhibiting the cost for a stand starts at R10 000 for the two days.

This cost also includes entrance to the conference and a cocktail party after the event.

  •  For more information on how to become an exhibitor, business owners can contact on 021 683 2425.

Caban Investments, Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dylan James, Dylan James Media, Fast Moving Company, How We Made it in Africa, Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Microsoft, Mweb, , South African Investors Network, South African Small and Medium Enterprise Federation (SASMEF), Telkom Business, The Bandwidth Barn

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