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Start your website business

Almost one billion – in fact, 975 million and counting. That’s how many websites exist on the internet today. And this is why designing websites can only be a growth prospect for a new business, if you’re good at it. But remember that designing websites is really about design, not just the mechanics of using… [Continue Reading]

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How to start a removals business

Transporting goods is the life-blood of today’s cities, as consumers and businesses need their possessions or products moved from one place to another. One area of opportunity in this sector is removals – helping customers move home or office. A removals business specialises in packing, loading and transporting furniture and other goods from a home… [Continue Reading]

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Are you cut out to be a fabric seller?

While the textiles industry has in recent years been in the news for all the wrong reasons – cheap imports, factory closures and job losses – there is nonetheless a good market out there for a small business selling fabrics. Specifically so if the owners are, so to speak, cut out to be fabric sellers.… [Continue Reading]

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Make a killing in coffins

Death, it is often said, is big business. About 600 000 funerals take place in South Africa per year, generating about R9 billion in funeral-related expenditure. However, it is difficult to get accurate figures about this sector, because many businesses are informal. Most of these businesses are not registered with any industry association, and stories… [Continue Reading]

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Cater for your customers first

Think about it – you cook regularly at home, and you’re quite good at it. You’re organised, and good with people, so why not consider making food for a living, as a contract caterer? These are caterers who provide food in the workplace, schools, universities, hospitals and homes, as well as for occasions such as… [Continue Reading]

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Paul Crankshaw

How to start a Co-operative

Worldwide, some 800 million people are members of co-operatives, and it is estimated that co-operatives employ about 100 million people, but what is a co-operative? As the name suggests, a co-operative is all about working together toward a common goal. This goal could be saving money or building houses, but in this article we are… [Continue Reading]

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Paul Crankshaw

First steps to keep staying legal

ONE of the most time-consuming aspects of running a business is complying with regulations, including tax, municipal by-laws, labour laws and many others. But if your business is not compliant on all fronts, you won’t be able to tender for contracts and you could be fined or jailed for non-compliance. Take heart: it is not… [Continue Reading]

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