IT owner grows business thanks to Raizcorp’s help

Azola Ngwekazi

Despite a lack of business experience and driven by passion, Azola Ngwekazi has almost doubled her turnover after entering Raizcorp’s incubation programme last year.

Kickstarted by funding from the South African Breweries to open an internet cafe, she says since joining Raizcorp’s incubation programme she no longer thinks small in business and has a bigger vision. Her business, Prompt IT, showed exceptional growth since joining Raizcorp’s programme two years ago.

How long have you participated in the incubator programme and when will you exit?

This is my second year with Raizcorp and if all goes well I will be finishing in July next year.

How much did your turnover and profitability grow after joining?

My turnover grew by 158% and the net profit by 115%.

What are the best benefits you received from the programme?

For me the most important thing was no matter how small the business is, it is important to have systems in place. The other thing was was goal setting. You can not improve what you can not measure.

What would you suggest be added or changed to make the programme better?

The programme is good. I do not think there is anything that has to change.

Raizcorp equips us to go out there and implement what we have been taught to make it work for our business. We are not spoon feed.

The skills I am acquiring is not something I think I would have received at any other institution. I feel confident that I can service my clients and build relationship with.


‘Prosperation’ of more than 1500 businesses


Azola Ngwekazi, , outh African Breweries (SAB), Raizcorp

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