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Cover your risks to prevent ruin in your business

Too often, one reads of businesses burning down, being robbed or countless other unforeseen losses that could lead a small business to ruin if it does not have the right insurance cover. Making sound decisions about insurance cover during the infancy stages of a business is key to protecting it against unforeseen losses that most… [Continue Reading]

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Only one password to remember

Whether you’re checking your bank account online, opening your webmail, logging in to your computer, or simply unlocking your smartphone, you’ll need to remember a password. In the past, you could get away with remembering one password for every website or account. With the increase in online fraud and hacking, that’s asking for trouble. It… [Continue Reading]

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How to start a removals business

Transporting goods is the life-blood of today’s cities, as consumers and businesses need their possessions or products moved from one place to another. One area of opportunity in this sector is removals – helping customers move home or office. A removals business specialises in packing, loading and transporting furniture and other goods from a home… [Continue Reading]

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Understanding the psyche of investors

After watching a number of episodes of one of those “pitch to the investor” reality shows on television, I just had to put pen to paper. It’s clear to me that the featured entrepreneurs did not do their homework or simply don’t know how investors think. They made the common mistake of valuing their business… [Continue Reading]

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Practical tips for starting your business

Starting a business, anywhere around the world, is a daunting task. Starting a business in South Africa, however, is made incredibly difficult by frustrating red tape, sometimes enough for many to give up on their dreams. In the 12 years that I have been involved in business, either as founding entrepreneur or business partner,  I’ve… [Continue Reading]

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Gcobani Ndabeni

Measure your success

Last month we saw the hosting of the second annual South African Premier Business Awards where business owners were acknowledged for achieving exceptional results with their businesses. It is really inspiring to see icons like Sam Motsuenyane being recognised for his lifetime contribution to economic growth, and to hear about the achievements of the other… [Continue Reading]

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Get data security for personal info or risk losing your business

Businesses that collect, store and share personal information of customers or other parties will be most affected by the Protection of Personal Information (Popi) Act, which was signed into law by President Jacob Zuma in November 2013. Popi regulates how anyone who processes personal information must handle, keep and secure that information. Those found to… [Continue Reading]

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Barney Jordaan

Can employees withdraw resignation?

Resignation is a thorny part of the employment relationship that often causes unnecessary strain. Two common questions about resignation are if an employee may withdraw a notice of termination with the employer being forced to accept the withdrawal; and if there is a difference between desertion and resignation without proper notice. Resignation, or termination on… [Continue Reading]

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Can entrepreneurship be taught?

When we read “entrepreneurship” and “training” in the same sentence, a number of people frown. As the old question goes, “can entrepreneurship be taught?” The answer is a well-prepared YES, based on over 60 years of research findings. Individuals can be trained to be more entrepreneurial, but keep in mind not all of us are… [Continue Reading]

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