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Gavin Tonks

Making your good idea become a reality

WHAT is the right business idea for you, you may be asking yourself. Or you may have an idea that you think will be hugely successful, but will it really become a reality? The important thing about business ideas is that you do not have to “re-invent the wheel” to make your idea a success.… [Continue Reading]

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Learning from others

BUSINESS ADVICE as an accredited profession is fairly new in South Africa. This is why it is sometimes very difficult to decide who to approach to help address key challenges in your business. It is also not always clear how you and your business would benefit from business advice. You do not ask yourself who… [Continue Reading]

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Paul Crankshaw

First steps to keep staying legal

ONE of the most time-consuming aspects of running a business is complying with regulations, including tax, municipal by-laws, labour laws and many others. But if your business is not compliant on all fronts, you won’t be able to tender for contracts and you could be fined or jailed for non-compliance. Take heart: it is not… [Continue Reading]

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Can you afford poor cash control?

FINANCIAL CONTROL is one of the most important areas in any business, yet it is shocking to see how some business owners often take for granted the availability of funds. I have seen how even good businesses with strong client bases have closed down because of poor or improper management of money. In my 10… [Continue Reading]

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Dangers small construction companies should look out for

Whenever huge opportunities present themselves, they bring with them several dangers. In this article, ALLON RAIZ draws attention to some of the common mistakes made by small construction firms when big projects are in the offing. SOUTH Africa is readying itself for an infrastructure development boom. Towards the end of last year President Zuma announced at an infrastructure investment conference… [Continue Reading]

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Embrace change for more growth

BY JOHN DURR CHANGING the mind-set of the business owner and employees to embrace needed changes is one of the biggest challenges a business faces. In the many projects that we have taken on at businessknowhow, we have found that we can design the best possible intervention, but if the people in the business aren’t… [Continue Reading]

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Dealing with tax and short-term staff

STARTING your own business is an extremely exciting step to take for every entrepreneur, however far too often the small business owner becomes so focused on the productive aspect of their business that the administrative and legislative side of the business falls by the wayside. It is this failure to attend to specific tax legislation… [Continue Reading]

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The art of creating luck in business

YOU invest time in business planning because you want to increase the likeliness of your success, to maximise your impact on the quality of life of the customers you serve and to increase the reward for those involved in your business or organisation. And you produce a business plan to guide you in what should… [Continue Reading]

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The seven deadly sins of tendering

IT takes a lot of effort preparing a tender or bid. From studying the bid requirements, to collecting the needed information, to determining your capacity needs, to costing, to confirming the source of supplies, to writing a compelling document, to collecting all the needed certificates and compliance documents, to presenting it all in a tender… [Continue Reading]

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Do you have it in you to be successful as entrepreneur like Ludwick Marishane, who’s waterless soap received international recognition?

Are you ready to go into business?

MANY people dream of starting a business but are hesitant to start because they are not sure if they’re capable of going on their own or are not sure what kind of business they should start. Are you one of those people wondering if starting a business is right for you? Do you have the… [Continue Reading]

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