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Enablis beneficiary, businesswoman Noma Radebe

The recently launched partnership between the Institute of Business Advisers South Africa (IBA) and the global non-profit business support organisation Enablis South Africa will offer owners of existing small businesses access to expert mentorship and advice.

The initiative is aimed at enhancing the performance and growth of existing smaller businesses, says Joseph Munzhedzi Tshiwilowilo, IBA board chairperson.

“The aim of the collaboration is to improve sustainability of small businesses, with Enablis providing the funding for the services offered by our business advisers,” says Tshiwilowilo.

The benefit to small business owners is that the IBA will appoint a highly graded, accredited and certified expert adviser, coach or mentor to assist the business owner.

“The IBA has a robust grading system for its members that measures all business advisers on three different levels according to academic qualifications, skills, and proven business advisory experience and competence,” says Tshiwilowilo.

Business owners interested in participating in this programme are also assessed and graded according to Enablis’ grading system.

With a membership of more than 1 500 entrepreneurs, Enablis divides entrepreneurs into three categories (bronze, silver and gold) based on the development stage of the business.

Tshiwilowilo says the biggest cost to business owners will be the time they need to invest.

“We need business owners to make themselves available for training and mentoring. The small business owner’s contribution is insignificant, since the business support is highly subsidised,” says Tshiwilowilo.

The programme already has offices in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Free State, Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

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