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Andrew Henwood

Safeguarding of customer details is becoming an important element of information management for many business owners. Hacking of information is increasingly becoming a threat, and the imminent introduction of data protection legislation – the Protection of Personal Information Act – is forcing business owners to step up their security solutions.

According to Andrew Henwood, the CEO of security solutions firm Foregenix, business owners often look at cost when purchasing a product for their business, but skimp on security products when it could place the business at risk.

“With recent cyber-attacks and data breaches having devastating effects on retailers globally, businesses need a cost-effective solution to mitigate threats without breaking the proverbial bank,” he says.

Foregenix offers a package to small businesses, aimed at small shops or e-commerce sites.

“We have simplified our package because small business owners don’t necessarily understand all they need to do for this environment.”

The package is a management service that allows businesses to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, and this will also ensure compliance with major card schemes such as Visa and MasterCard.

More importantly, it will ensure that the business’ data is protected by providing a firewall service, installing software to protect data, and advising if there is any breach in online security. It also provides a log service that acts as an alert to business owners.

This includes the Foregenix Serengeti Analyser, a unique service used for malware detection, mitigation and security validation at the point-of-sale and costs about R1 000 a month. Some 200 small business owners across the country already use this product.

Andrew Henwood, data protection,

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